February 5, 2012–surprise!

Madeline has been a friend for years, but hasn’t seen or really talked with Mother since before she became ill four years ago.  In fact, the last time I remember them having a good conversation was at her 91st birthday celebration at church (see a photo with the entry “July 16, 2006”).

Today, during the Peace at church, Madeline came over to speak with her.

“Esther, it’s Madeline.  How are you?”

There was a pause, then Mother said “Madeline!  How nice to see you.  How are things in Pennsylvania?”

Madeline has a daughter and two grandchildren in Pittsburgh–the oldest was born after Mother was admitted to Hospice!  How did she remember that?  Amazing.

It was a lovely day and I had planned to take her to the park after lunch at home.  However, there were things about the old brick house she wanted to make sure I understood, so we sat at the table while I revised sketches.  I’m stuck on her description of a “partial wall, floor to ceiling.”  I’ve tried several ways to get her to describe it and wonder if she is substituting “partial” for another word she can’t think of.

We’ll come back to that next time.


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