Feb. 3, 2012–the old brick house

I’ve been aware for some time that the only memories Mother talks about are those of her childhood up until but not including when she got married.  I wonder if that is when she was happiest?  My late mother-in-law often reminisced about living on “The Row” in the early days of her marriage when her children were small.  Not that she didn’t talk about other times, but near the end of her life, that’s what I remember as a favorite topic of hers.

Anyway, it has seemed important to Mother that I understand the layout of her childhood home, so over the last several weeks, when she has felt like it,    I have tried to make sketches from her descriptions.  Yesterday, I think we finished.  Of course I don’t have dimensions or exact locations of doors, but  what I have drawn “fits,” upstairs and downstairs.  It was a very large house, ten rooms, built at two different times with what she calls the “east wing” and the “west wing.”  In the next few days I will make my drawings neater and add them to this note.  (Marcia, do you want hard copies?!)


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