Jan. 20, 2012–from her friend Al

Just a report on the visit with Esther.  All went well.  They have her ready and sitting in the living room when I get there.

She was in good spirits and said she was feeling well. As usual she was glad to have a visitor. We always talk on the sun porch, and she seems to be able to hear me OK.  We spent a lot of time talking about my mother and her mother.  She told me the details of her mother’s musical abilities as a child with a remarkable ear for music, and her gift as a pianist. Some I had heard before, but she went into considerable detail about her  awful hand infection and the removal of various portions of her fingers, which didn’t stop her love for playing.  It certainly seemed an amazing story.

She thinks Tina inherited a lot of her piano ability and love of good music from her mother.

So the time went fast and I left just before lunch.  I said I prayed that God would keep her healthy and frisky, which seemed to tickle her.  A good visit, as most of them are.

(note from Tina:  Al, a friend from church, is the only man that visits her.  Though she can’t always remember his name, she tells me “Of all the men that stop by to see me, he is my favorite.”  See last sentence of my previous post!)


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