January 9, 2012–overruling God

For about three months she has been absently scratching at the lower right side of her face and neck.  Pick, pick, pick, so much so that she has raised and opened welts, which scab over.  Nothing I or the staff have tried has worked–reminders, fussing at her, nothing.  The area is bright red and inflamed, and I’ve warned her about skin infections.

Nothing works.  It’s just habit.  So recently I’ve provided sensitive skin band aids to tape over the sore spots and have made two bracelets, hoping she would have something else to play with.

Today, sitting in the office at Whispering Pines, I started to put a second band aid over a new area she was “worrying.”  She suddenly got very angry.

“Stop!  I’ve talked to God about this and He says saliva is the best remedy.”

I told her in no uncertain terms that I was overruling what she thought God had told her, because God is too intelligent to tell her a crack-pot thing like that.  I haven’t seen her so mad is a long time.

The next thing might be tie-on baby mittens.

Oh well.  The mittens might also stop her from pulling her hearing aids out by the tubes, thus disconnecting them.  Another thing she doesn’t seem to remember.  She’s only had them for six years.

Argggghhh!  Age related dementia is not fun any way you look at it.


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2 Responses to January 9, 2012–overruling God

  1. Margot Peter says:

    Tina – I know this is so hard for you; watching someone who was once rational and sharp as a penny decline is very hard we know. Try to think of her as someone else, not your mother – that’s how I got through it; there’s much less anger involved if your Mom isn’t the one doing it. Love, Margot

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