Oct. 31, 2011–more memory lapses

All is going fairly well.  I took Mother to hear the Georgia Brass Ensemble play on the 16th, and US Marine Band on the 26th.  She played trumpet in high school, and has always loved brass bands.  The Marine Band was especially good–she talked about it for several days.

We had a little “fashion show” a few days ago.  Since shopping wears her out, I charged about $400 worth of clothes for her to try on and returned all but two pieces!  She needed a pretty top to wear to church.  Now if I can just shorten the sleeves about six inches and have it still look good…

She still can’t remember “Whispering Pines,” and has even been forgetting her dear friend Al’s name.  He took care of his elderly mother for years and understands.

A friend brought over fresh lettuce and spinach from his garden, so last night we had one of the best salads ever.  It led to lots of reminiscences about the garden on Usher Road.  Then she started talking about the death of my little brother Tommy.  She blames an authoritarian nurse (“I have three other patients, I’ll get to you when it’s your turn.”  Of course the original error was the surgeon’s…)  It still brings tears to her eyes.  I don’t know how any parent can recover from the loss of a child, much less two like they did.


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