Sept. 18, 2011–lovely afternoon

Today was the first time in a week that I had seen her.  The staff said she has been “teary” for a couple of days–lonesome, I suspect.  Plus she knows I’m going to Ohio in October and she is sad she can’t go with me this time.  (see August 2006 for the fun trip we took back then).

I had planned to take her into Krogers with me, but someone had stolen their wheelchair that has a basket fitted over the arms in front.  Bummer!  So I ran in, picked up a couple of things, took her home, picked up the dogs, and we went to Memorial Park.

This is the oldest and prettiest park in town.  There is a small lake with a huge fountain in the middle and ducks and geese galore.  The wide path around the lake is paved, so I got her in her wheelchair and off the five of us went.  Half way around we stopped on a deck to take some pictures.  A young mother was there with her two red-headed children.  I figured, hey, if I can’t take pictures of my own (two red headed grandchildren), I’ll just borrow hers!

The temperature was in the low 70’s, a blessed relief from the 100+ days of 90 to 100 degrees we’ve had.  When we got home, we just sat out on the patio and talked until nearly sunset, then a light supper and back to WP.




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One Response to Sept. 18, 2011–lovely afternoon

  1. Steph says:

    That is SO FUNNY! Their boy has curly hair like Ryan and the girl has straight hair like Layla! Fun shots (= The blog is great! Well done.

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