Aug. 17, 2011–titching scrummies!

When I picked her up to come home for supper yesterday, William jumped in her lap–the ONLY time he is allowed in the front seat!  There he was, leaning blissfully against her, front paw raised, eyes half closed, looking like he could stay there forever.

“I guess he likes his scrummy titched,” she said earnestly.

We giggled about that the whole way home!

She wasn’t feeling up to par.  The doctor’s suggestions seemed to have cleared up the worst of her digestive problems, but she is still plagued with off-and-on stomach upsets.  We’re going to try a simple test that could indicate lactose intolerance, which often has symptoms like hers.  That would be too bad, as she has always been a big milk drinker.

When she’s feeling good, she’s sharp and right on top of things.  But these many days when she’s just a bit under the weather are lost to her memory.  I hate to see her drifting in and out like this.  Follow up with the doc is next week.


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  1. al hester says:

    Esther seemed stronger and more with it on my visit Aug. 19, 2011. The 11 a.m. time may be the best time for the visits. I took her a “teacup orchid,” a small one in a clay pot. She won’t be able to see it much, but at least a visitor brought her something. The ladies in the lobby seemed to find this rather remarkable. I put it on her chest in her room where her mail is put. It only needs some crushed ice about once weekly, the Earthfare people said. That seems to give it enough water. She seems to like Iris, her roommate. I haven’t met her yet.

    We had a good chat about this and that. She remembers stuff 50 years ago quite well, but admits she can’t remember for a few minutes what goes on today. I laughed and told her that was good, because I can tell her the same old stories, and she won’t think she’s heard them.

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