July 21, 2011–when she is tired

In the last week, I have had her out for something special every other day.  Yesterday it was an appointment with her eye doctor.  She seems to have a base line of visual ability–sometimes slipping below, yesterday, somewhat above.

I brought her home for supper and she was offering what she thought was an explanation of why she has no vision in her right eye.  The story had to do with how she, as a five year old, ignored her mother’s advice and rode her sled down a hill when there were patches without snow.  She fell and scraped up the right side of her face.

“No, Mother, I don’t think that was it.  Children heal rapidly from minor injuries like that.

“Do you remember that you have had three surgeries on that eye?  Cataract surgery, a shunt implant, then a cornea transplant?”

No, she didn’t remember.

ah, well….


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