July 19, 2011–96th birthday!

What was that old commercial–“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”?  Timex watches, I think it was.  Well, the licking she gets is from three affectionate little dogs, but she just keeps on keeping on!

I took the birthday cake over to the church Saturday so I wouldn’t have to handle both it and the wheelchair Sunday morning.  As we rounded the corner to the patio, the Sunday School kids squealed, “It’s Miss Esther!” and crowded around her.  They had made her birthday cards and bath salts.  The cards were adorable, and the bath salts–well, let’s just say they didn’t stint on the perfume!  Ugh!!  She was so tickled.

before the coffee hour at church

pretty cake!

being silly

I invited a few friends and neighbors over for lunch.  She didn’t want a large group, and protested (mildly, and more for show than anything else) that I was making too much of a fuss.  I told her I very seldom host 96th birthday luncheons!

L - R: Al, Esther, Fran, Conoly, Dorine, Karen, Jerry, Becky

I was going to look for a 9 candle and a 6 candle, then just use them for my next birthday (69) but ran out of time

first try

second try

she's going to live to be 100! After five or six tries, Conoly helped her put out the blaze

her friend Al read her cards to her

indulge me here. I enjoy flower arranging, and these turned out especially well

another angle


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