July 1, 2011–Prissy lives!

“Miss Esther’s feeling a bit puny,” Alberta said when I called this week.  A well spoken, capable black lady who has worked at WP for several years, I don’t think she realized she was quoting from THE iconic book of the South.  Or maybe it was me.  Maybe I didn’t realize how accurately Margaret Mitchell captured the still-in-use idioms of this part of the world.

Mother has been under the weather.  Stomach upset and accompanying variations of the creeping crud.  Heaviness (not pain) in her chest.  Called the doctor, who said the emergency room was the only place for her to get a proper evaluation.  But the discomforts seemed to come and go, blood pressure and pulse were normal and by yesterday she was back to eating regular meals.

It was a difficult judgment call.  Should I take her to the ER, which would exhaust her, or keep her quiet, let her rest, and see if these (not uncommon) symptoms would go away?

I brought her home for supper tonight and she seemed to be fine.

It might–just might–be in part due to the fact that she has a new roommate.  Her third. Faye fell and broke her hip a week or so ago and is now in Hospice care. Mother LOVED having her room to herself for the interim.  Her new roommate is two years younger than I! (scary).  She is a retired nurse with severe osteoporosis and balance problems.  Perfectly lucid, bright, intelligent, I suspect that 1.  she will be a great companion for Mother and 2.  She will soon be bored out of her mind.

Sunday I will take Mother and two other ladies from WP to the 4th of July Classic City Band concert at the Botanical Gardens.  Lots of patriotic oom-pah fun.



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