May 29, 2011–“Stella”

A problem she has had for at least two full years is keeping her days and nights straight.  When she’s tired, of course she wants to nap.  But then she’s up all night, and the cycle keeps repeating.  Knowing that the stimulation of participating in the various activities at WP keeps keep her mentally and physically fit, I’ve talked with her doctor about a mild sleep aid.  I am so reluctant to add a medication, but nothing else seems to work.  We’ll start on half the lowest dose early this week and see how it goes.

My sister-in-law (and B-I-L– after all these years who cares the actual relationship?!) were in town for a short visit yesterday.  We drove over to WP  bring her home for lunch.  It is so dear that they treat her so well, as the senior member of their extended family.

When I took her back mid afternoon, she “got into it again” with Betty, the cook on weekends.  Betty has decided that since Mother can’t see, she’ll make sure she will always be recognizable to her.

“Hey Stella, did you have a nice afternoon?”

(drawing herself up to her full 4’11” height and with great umbrage):  “I’ve told you over and over, my name is NOT Stella!”

“Okay, Stella, I’ll remember that.”

So Mother reached around and whopped her on the butt!

A good time was had by all.

Noel, Esther, Cary


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One Response to May 29, 2011–“Stella”

  1. Anna Palmer says:

    HAHAHAHA this cracked me up! Oh how I love my great great aunt! So glad yall got to hang out with Mimi and Pappy! Love you guys! -Anna

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