May 22, 2011–calling things to mind

Scatter brained–literally!

She was in a great mood when I picked her up to bring her home for supper tonight. There has been a lot going on at Whispering Pines this week.

“Hey, I hear you went to Rachel’s birthday party yesterday!”

“Party?  No, no one told me about it.”

“Yes–ice cream and cake, you played bingo, sang songs.”

“Oh yes, that was yesterday.  But no body told me it was a birthday party.”


“I think my vision has gotten worse this week.”

I held her arm carefully as we walked out on the patio to enjoy the blooming gardenias.  She could see the hose I pointed out to her and stepped right over it.

“Wow, it’s really great that you could see that.”

“Yes, and when we played bingo at a birthday party a while back, I could just barely make out the numbers on the card.”

It’s all in there, just not organized!

I bought her four pairs of lightweight summer slacks which she enjoyed trying on.  She is so big around the middle she needs an 18P, but I have to shorten them 3 – 4 inches.  True child of the depression that she is, even though she seemed pleased, she had to ask “Can I afford these?”  “Yes, Mother, you can afford these.”

A few of the women at Wh. Pines who don’t have attentive families spend their days in housecoats or over-glorified nightgowns.  Having lived for so many years with the dictum that “cheaper is better,” and “who cares what I wear? (plaid shirt and striped pants, pink and orange, that sort of thing)”, it’s good to see that she has embraced the idea that she has the right to look nice.  Not expensive, just nice.


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One Response to May 22, 2011–calling things to mind

  1. Al Hester says:

    Good morning! It was nice to see your blog today. You and your mother are doing very well, in my opinion.

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