May 17, 2011–hearing aids

I took her to have her hearing aids cleaned and serviced yesterday.  She got them shortly after she moved in with me SIX years ago!  They are top end.  She has had them programmed for normal use,  for situations with background noise (like a room full of people talking), for music (we go to a lot of concerts), even for listening to  “lectures” (like amplified sermons at church).   There’s a tiny button to push, the number of beeps audible only to her indicates which program is activated.

The range of volume control can also be adjusted via computer. There’s a dial on the back of each hearing aid – low to high – than she can adjust within that range.  Since she is deaf in her left ear, the hearing aid on that side transfers sound through her skull to the one on the right so she can look right at you when talking and not have to tilt her good ear toward you.

Sadly, she has now forgotten how to use the programming, so we have disabled it.  She’ll complain about something being too loud or too soft, and when reminded, can adjust the volume to her preference.  But she no longer thinks to do it on her own.

They put new tubes on the aids yesterday (connect the individually molded earpiece to the part over the back of the ear)  The tubes get hard over time and were pulling the earpieces out of position.  After cleaning, etc., and without touching the settings, the audiologist put them back in her ears.  She immediately said, “Why are you all shouting?”

I guess they really did need attention!

She loves to pick out birthday cards and wants me to read them to her so she can choose.  I had time to do that yesterday, so off we went so she could get some for her granddaughter and great grandson.

Lunch at Burger King (her standard fare is a junior whopper and a strawberry milkshake), then back to Whispering Pines.  I was going to bring her home for lunch, but have learned that she tires easily and recovers slowly from over exertion.

When I took her in the front door, Emma said, “Where’s the dogs?”


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2 Responses to May 17, 2011–hearing aids

  1. Al Hester says:

    I have looked over the first three blogs, and have enjoyed them all. The photos of Esther and Whispering Pines (and dogs!) really add to the interest. I think you are doing a good thing to give the news about you and your mother. You might want to post a photo or two which includes you and your mother. Back in the old days, I did a periodic “newsletter” to about 20 of my mother’s friends and relatives, and I do believe it really was appreciated, since she was here in Georgia her last few years, and they were mainly in Texas. She always enjoyed my reading the letters to her which came back (all pre-blog and social networking–real letters!) Keep up the good work. Your writing and photos are excellent.. Al Hester

  2. Fran Covert says:

    I visited with Esther today (July 29th) for half an hour before her lunch. She was, as usual, welcoming and hospitable despite being woken from a nap by her aide who said it was time to get her up before the meal. She thanked me for coming when we eventually walked into the dining room and apologized for not walking me to the front door.

    What a great and gracious lady she is! – Fran Covert

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