May 15, 2011–1st actual blog post

My daughter-in-law has maintained a blog about her family for several years.  I’ve appreciated it so much, but it never occurred to me to create one so you all could keep up with my mother. Duh!

So here we go.  What I hope to do is both give you updates about how she is doing, and back stories–until June 2005 when she moved in with me.

She was discharged from Hospice after 22 months on Feb. 13, 2010.  I knew she could do fine without Hospice, but I couldn’t!  The five days per calendar month respite was crucial to my well being.  The rest of it, that is, being a full time care giver, is only understandable by those of you who have done it.

She has been living at Whispering Pines since Jan. 3, 2011.  There are three buildings in a U-shape.  Each one at the sides has 15 residents, and the one in the middle is offices and a large community room.

about eleven minutes drive from me

her building on the left, administration bldg. at rear

administration bldg. at rear, second residence on right

in front of admin. bldg. the grounds are nicely kept

her front door


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3 Responses to May 15, 2011–1st actual blog post

  1. Diane Barret says:

    I LOVE the photos! The ladies are so dear and they obviously love your little dogs. I’m so glad you found such a nice place for Esther to live!! Thanks for including me on your blog….It was great seeing the two of you at St. Gregory’s on Mother’s Day! Love, Diane

  2. Christy Palmer says:

    Love seeing the pictures and having a closer view of Gram’s and your life my dear auntie! It was sad to not see you this weekend but totally understand! It’s crazy around here! Love to you and gram!

  3. Pictures say thousands of words. Thanks for the interesting details. Sounds like Esther enjoys the place. I agree about McDonald’s strawberry milkshakes. Mike’s favorite restaurant. Margaret

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