March 20, 2011–cousin Bill

Bill is my second cousin.  His father and my mother were first cousins, children of sisters Alma and Ruth.  I grew up next door to him, and a favorite story is not only did I wear his hand-me-down winter coats, he was the object of my first crush!  (I was about eight!)

I have more second cousins in the Cleveland area, whose parents were children of others in the same family of five sisters.  But Bill has probably been closest to Mother and my late father.  Over the years, he would stop by to see them, talk shop (literally–wood-working shop) with my father, and just hang out.

Beginning in 1996, Bill and his wife Lillian started making it a point to drive through Athens either to or from their annual spring vacation in Florida.  I have so enjoyed getting re-acquainted, and have made a point to visit them the few times I’ve been back in Olmsted.

We picked Mother up at Whispering Pines and brought her back for dinner and a nice visit.  She talked about it for days afterwards.

Bill, Lil, Esther--and, of course, William

I think I am about five here, which would make Bill 14


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