March 15, 2011–something in the water?

It has taken a while, along with some readjustments in medication, but Mother seems to be thriving.  She is alert, interactive, participates in the activities, and the staff at Whispering Pines tells me she is one of their favorites.

Just one more proof that exact monitoring of medications with the elderly is vital!  The staff there is experienced and has made some very positive suggestions that I think have helped her.

She is eating well, her vision is still very poor, but she is cracking jokes and horrible puns, so I know she is doing okay.

BTW–the oldest person in the world lives in Monroe, 30 minutes from here, a 114 year old woman.

(update 5-21-11:  There is a woman in Brazil a couple of months older than the lady in Monroe.  Laila Denmark, retired pediatrition in Athens, is 113.)

Think it’s the water?

She had just had her hair done. And yes, she loves the dogs!


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