June 14, 2010–her eye problems

(excerpts from the update sent on this date.  I had moved her into a personal care home that proved to be a most unfortunate placement. Affordable, but that was about all.  Big mistake, though we didn’t know it at the time.)


I took her shopping Friday (in her wheelchair) and we came here for supper, and I had her over again last night.  She is walking without her walker some of the time and standing much straighter.  (She has to strengthen her stomach muscles–she’s wearing the largest size slacks that come in petites!)

Her biggest problem is her vision.  Extraneous blood vessels have been forming behind her retina and leaking fluid–there is no room!  The fluid causes pressure which has caused scar tissue.  This is what happens in macular degeneration, but with her it has been off to the side rather than central.  For more than a year a retinal specialist has been giving her injections in her eye to shrink the blood vessels and allow her body to reabsorb the fluid.  Apparently, this is also a cancer treatment that has proven helpful with macular degeneration.  If there is too much pressure from fluid build up, it will destroy the optic nerve.

She can only see shapes and some colors some of the time.  She can’t identify faces.

Books on tape are her main entertainment other than socializing.

Her short term memory is pretty much gone, but she can carry on a perfectly normal conversation and is not in pain.  Losing her vision scares her, but I keep reminding her that she does have much to be thankful for.


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