July 20, 2009–94th birthday

I took her to church and she was acknowledged as the “matriarch of St. Gregory’s.”  Then the congregation sang “Happy Birthday” and applauded.  She beamed!  I bought a HUGE sheet cake for coffee hour (very little left!) and lots of people chatted with her, including a couple of children who wanted to shake hands with a 94 year old lady (she was very pleased)

Lots of cards (thank you), a few gifts, and her dinner-of-request: rib eye steak, potato salad, peas (“English peas” for you/us southerners), plus pastries for breakfast.

Tomorrow she starts one day a week at the Senior Center.  She seems excited–new activities and people to talk to.  We’ll see how it goes.  She is sleeping less and feeling stronger, but still gets confused.  Her memory between April 2008 and about January 2009 is completely gone, bits and pieces since then.

in my patio the day before the church party

coffee hour celebration


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