May 31, 2009–sneaky, sneaky!

What a schemer!

Since January, Mother has been plotting with several of her caregivers and my sister-in-law to have a surprise birthday party for me.

What she hadn’t realized was the date she chose was in the middle of a 5-day respite time when I was going to be out of town and she was going to be at Hospice House.  Her dear Hospice volunteer called me two weeks ago with a heads up and I frantically ran around revising plans and schedules.

Then Cary told me they wanted to stop by on their way home from a FL vacation, would meet me at church and take me out to lunch afterwards.  I knew Christy and her family were vacationing with them, so–feeling quite proud of myself–made reservations for all of us.

What I hadn’t expected, when I walked into St. Gregory’s courtyard, was to see Elisabeth’s family as well!  (Christy and Elisabeth are my nieces, Cary’s daughters).  They had returned from several years living in Germany three weeks ago, and in fact, I had just received the card announcing the address of their new home.

What a joyous occasion–sitting in church with 13 family members (who aren’t really, except because we always have been), to have them and the reason for their visit acknowledged during the service, and to spend some precious hours with them.

Cake and ice cream on the patio after lunch–the best birthday ever!

Kevin and Kevin, husbands of my nieces

Austin (a week younger than his cousin Brooke, in white), his sister Ruthie

Elisabeth, her daughter Julia, her niece Erin

Abigail and Anna, Elisabeth's and Christy's daughters

Christy, Cary and Noel

me and the instigator. I felt very loved.


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