March 23, 2009–visit from Bill

It’s been six weeks or so since my last update—and at this rate, may be a couple months before the next one.

Mother is doing well.  She is still in a wheelchair, though exercising with her walker daily.  Her appetite is good, she is mentally alert, and physically stronger.  Her stamina is still poor—recovery from trips to a doctor, a concert, church, or even to and from respite care at Hospice House takes sometimes up to a week.  But when she is awake, she is talkative and aware.  The periods of confusion are less frequent, though short term memory lapses are about the same.  She has had only two episodes of heart pain since she has been home, one just last week.

She is really enjoying listening to Talking Books, and has just started a massive project (with her caregivers) of organizing for distribution about 15 large albums of photos.  Her caregivers have been writing notes for her as well—which some of you may have received.

This last weekend she/we had a lovely visit from my cousin Bill and his wife Lil.  (below)

Bill's dad was Esther's first cousin

Bill, Esther, Lil


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