February 4, 2009–grands and great-grands!

These are fewer and further in between because she is doing fairly well!  Mother went to the midnight service with me Christmas Eve–and slept until 4 p.m. on Christmas!

At long last her toe infection has healed.  She seems to be stabilized at a strength level that allows her to spend most of her time in her wheelchair with only occasional use of her walker.  She takes long afternoon naps, but her appetite is good and she really enjoys chatting with her caregivers,  listening to her talking books, and fussing with the dogs–especially William, the new boy, who has made her his special buddy.  She gets confused occasionally, but is her usual self most of the time.

I am regularly taking advantage of the five days a month respite care we’re allowed.  Everyone at the Hospice House knows and loves her, and she considers her time there a little vacation.

A recent highlight was a visit from both my children and their families.  Attached is a photo of six of the eight of us (spouses not included in this one).

Tom, Layla, Gram, me, Lucy, Jill

Gigi and Lucy in Gram's bed in the dining room


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