November 30, 2008–small pleasures

It has been six weeks since I have sent an Esther Freeman update.  In this case, no news is good news!

We are STILL dealing with her toe infection.  The original site nearly healed, but last week the other big toe began to swell and turn red.  She is on antibiotics again, and we are continuing the treatment with Manuka honey.

She enjoys visiting with her caregivers (three) and the Hospice people that come regularly—her nurse, her volunteer, and the chaplain.   William, my newest papillon, has decided he is her special buddy and jumps on her bed, licking her hands and demanding “Grammy scritches,” much to her delight.

She spends her waking time in her wheelchair, and is getting more and more involved in the Talking Books I bring her from our local library.  Her vision has gotten worse, and she has never been much of a TV watcher, but will occasionally watch “Dancing with the Stars” or a nature program.

At the end of October I took advantage of the five days of respite care (per month) that we are eligible for and took off for a glorious few days in the north Georgia mountains with the dogs while she stayed at the Hospice House.

For Thanksgiving she said she wanted goose, so that’s what we had—terribly expensive, but I figured it would not be a regular occurrence!  I’ve not had caregivers since Tuesday the 25th and have let her sleep as long as she has wanted., which has been about 18 hours a day.  When she is awake, she is alert and lucid, but she has no energy or stamina.  Evenings seem to be her best time now.

Gram and William


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