October 11, 2008–Visit from Tom’s family

I brought her home Sept. 24, and what a difference two and a half weeks has made.  She was for all intents and purposes an invalid—able to feed herself, converse somewhat but not much more.

Now she can stand with support, take a few steps with her walker, and can pretty much get herself where she wants to go in her wheelchair.  Whereas at first she was getting me up two or three times a night to go to the bathroom, it happens only once a night now—or sometimes not at all.

I have two regular caregivers that alternate for three hours every morning and when I want to go out in the afternoon or evening.  Her Hospice nurse still comes weekly, as does her Hospice volunteer, a physical therapist, and an aide who gives her a bath several times a week.

We are still dealing with her nasty toe infection.  I’m not sure what will happen with that.  I take her weekly to a podiatrist.  They’ve identified the antibiotic specific to it, and while she is on it, the infection seems to clear up.  But as soon as the course ends, it comes back again.  Very poor circulation in her feet is a major contributor to the problem.  We’re trying gentle foot and leg exercises, always mindful of her weak heart.

She was thrilled this week with a brief visit from my son and daughter-in-law and their one year old, Layla.  They left Thursday afternoon.  She is still exhausted, sleeping much of the time day and night, but it was a wonderful boost to her spirits

Tom, his grandmother, Steph and one year old Layla

Gram and great-granddaughter Layla


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