Sept. 16, 2008–she’s OUTTA there!

I’m bringing her home!

Finally.  I am fed up with battling the nursing home.

I’m fed up with slipshod attention to the operation of her oxygen equipment.

I’m fed up with their ignoring her food preferences.

I’m fed up with their ignoring her physical improvements and related needs.

I am especially outraged that they have NOT followed the podiatrist’s order for caring for her infected toe.

Today I gave the required 14 day notice of intent to vacate.  I have until the end of Sept. to get the house ready, research/hire caregivers, get additional equipment, note any official regulations, etc.

Yes, it was my preference to hold on to my privacy, but I think she will do a lot better here.  She has been lucid (mostly) for over two weeks now, and was thrilled when I gave her the news.  With the added bonus of the upcoming visit of my son, daughter-in-law, and Mother’s year old great-granddaughter, she is really excited.

I know it will not be easy.  But I can’t leave her in a place I no longer trust, and this is the best in town.  The attitude that “she’s a Hospice patient, keep her comfortable and let her die” is not one I ascribe to.

So I ask for your prayers for us both in this transition.  Sitters will become part of our lives.  Finances will be tight, but I will do the best I can.  Plus, you can CALL her here!  She’ll love it!

(note on May 30, 2011:  the only calls she has received are from old friends in Olmsted.  None at all from the rest of her family.)


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