Aug. 21, 2008–toe infection

Mother has a severe infection in her left big toe.  I first noticed this on July 10 when she went in to the hospital for her first blood transfusion.  A week’s worth of antibiotics didn’t clear it up.

I bought some epsom salts and have been soaking her foot for an hour or more daily.  She was on another antibiotic for a week (to have ended today) but the doctor was alarmed enough to start her on a week’s worth of Cipro–the top gun of oral antibiotics.

They will take an x-ray of her toe by noon tomorrow–concern that the infection may involved bone.

If the Cipro does not work and oozing continues, a sample (of the ooze) will be sent for analysis to figure out WHAT might work.  Hospitalization with IV antibiotics is possible.

For some reason she is not experiencing pain–unless pressure is put on the spot.  This is a nasty infection with an appearance that should not be “discussed” under normal circumstances.

Today was a relatively good day, meaning she was aware she is in a strange place with people she doesn’t know and a routine that is unfamiliar.  It broke my heart to see her so upset, so lonely.  Yet this awareness occurs so infrequently…I wish I could “fix it” for her.


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