July 28, 2008–poor prognosis

The last time Mother was communicative was Wednesday, July 23.  Now, sometimes she will respond to a question, sometimes not.  I read her birthday cards to her, and she occasionally will react to a poignant message or a signature she recognizes.

Until last night, if I put food on her fork and her fork in her hand, she could feed herself.  Brain synapses are shutting down–she is confused by a napkin in one hand and a cookie in the other.

Her body is stiff.  She hates being moved and cringes at touch, though when touch turns to massage, she relaxes.

I meet again this afternoon with her Hospice nurse.  Depending on how things go, I think I would like to have her moved back to the Hospice House when the end is in sight.  She will receive more attentive, personal care there and there is a chair/bed in the room where I can stay if I need to.  There is no room for that at the nursing home.


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