July 19, 2008–93d birthday

Mother’s party went well Saturday, though it was not a particularly good day for her.  I invited the entire nursing home staff, so in addition to the nine guests, there was a steady stream of well wishers.  She enjoyed lots of goodies, and looked festive with the hot pink feather boa I had draped above her head and over her shoulders.

You all sent more than 80 cards!  (in the gold basket).  Thank you so much!  Relatives, her St. Charles church family, St. Gregory’s church family, Olmsted Falls friends, Athens friends—how generous!  I went back Saturday evening at supper time (she wasn’t too hungry!) and started opening and reading them to her.  We finished this afternoon.  She responded to some messages and recognized and commented about the people who had sent them.

But her mental processes have slowed dramatically.  There are long pauses between a question and her answer, and often she gives up trying to find the word(s) she wants, sometimes in the interim forgetting what she was trying to say.   She is retaining fluid again, which is making her feel stiff and uncomfortable.  I don’t know if any further attempts will be made to remedy that.  It is symptomatic of congestive heart failure and will continue as lack of oxygen results in organ insufficiency.

Her two loves still seem to be food and the dogs.  They jump into her bed every day, Maki and Gigi settling near her feet, and William cuddling under her arm, licking her fingers as if they were ice cream cones.  She twines her fingers in his (longer) hair and he doesn’t seem to mind her tugging on him.

Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

greeting Rebecca

Esther, Mildred (yellow), Fran (who still visits her in 2011), Beth, our rector

party table


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