July 9, 2008–internal bleeding

Monday night about 11 p.m. Mother had a significant episode of internal bleeding.  There was some spotting twelve hours later, but none since.  Her hemoglobin is radically low–4.1 on a scale when normal is 12 – 16.

As a Hospice patient, she can have up to three units of blood.  They have stopped the coumadin (blood thinner), which may help, and she will be transported to the hospital tomorrow as an out-patient for her initial transfusion.

There is a fine line between prolonging life and postponing death.  I do not think she has crossed it yet.  She is looking forward to her birthday party and wants to continue recording old family stories.

When I talked with her today, I think it was the first time she realized how precarious her health is.  She asked, “Am I checking out, then?”  I said, “Yes, soon, but not yet.  Not until you are ready.”

She most definitely is not yet ready!  What an amazing woman.


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