July 1, 2008–nursing home

The pain Mother felt last week in her ankles and legs is diffuse and non-specific.  Sometimes it’s in her abdomen, sometimes her back, sometimes it just—is.  She hasn’t complained about her legs and ankles in several days.

I understand that small doses of morphine are the safest way to make a heart patient comfortable, but there seems to be some confusion and disagreement about how much and how often to give it.  I saw that this morning, and will get answers tomorrow.   She is also retaining fluid, which I will talk with the doctor about tomorrow.

I canceled my vacation so I could be with her while she was transferred today from the Hospice House to the nursing home.  Her condition is so fragile I couldn’t see just walking off and leaving her with strangers.

There is no phone yet in her room, but I don’t think it matters because she hasn’t been able to talk on the phone since last Thursday.  She responds to questions and comments, but rarely initiates a conversation.  A brief exception was yesterday, when she was relatively lucid for the first half hour or so I was there.  She fades mentally fairly quickly, though she is always polite and you can see her struggle to stay awake.  After feeding her her dinner (she hasn’t been able to feed herself since last week), I find it easiest to ask her if she’d like to “take a nap” while I walk the dogs.  She always says yes, and I say good night.

The Hospice House gave her that beautiful hand-crocheted coverlet you see in the photo I sent Saturday.  She has it on her bed at the nursing home.  It’s really beautifully made, and something I will treasure.


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