June 28, 2008–so ill

No one seems to know why Mother is having pain in her ankles and calves.  I was there when the doctor saw her yesterday.  There is no swelling and they are tender only when touched.  They have cut the pain med dosage in half, and she is slowly coming out of her mental fog, but is still bedridden with all its attendant indignities.  Last night I fed her a decent sized meal–she was very hungry after no food for two days.

She will be transferred to a nursing home Monday afternoon.

I have still not given up on the idea of bringing her home, but the care she needs now is far beyond my ability.  If she stabilizes, regains lucidity, the pain stops, and she can walk a little around her room and bathroom, I am willing to try.

Yes, the nursing home allows dogs to visit–the second question I asked!

I am still planning to take my little vacation break July 2 – 6.  I will be in touch with her caregivers daily.


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