April 23, 2008–Hospice

We have an appointment tomorrow with Hospice.  Mother is in end-stage heart disease.

This has all happened quickly.

Last Monday, April 14, I took her in to the Georgia Aquarium.  She enjoyed the trip.  Tuesday, she couldn’t walk from the car in to her physical therapy appointment.  By the time I got her to her cardiologist on Thursday (his first day in new offices), she was experiencing extreme shortness of breath with the slightest exertion.

I won’t go in to the details of her symptoms, just say that they are consistent with her diagnosis.  She is not in pain, and feels better as the day goes on—when being upright has allowed the fluid in her lungs to settle down in her chest and breathing is easier.  When rested and not short of breath, she is alert and lucid.

I know Hospice will be a big help to both of us.  As you can imagine, we are spinning—adjusting to this sudden new reality.

A bright spot is a new dog—my third papillon.  He is four and a half, a retired show dog who breeder/owner is having to “downsize” for her own health reasons.  I picked him up at the Atlanta airport yesterday.  He is a certified medical assistance dog, but hasn’t yet told me his new name.  (I will not keep the previous one)

Attached are two photos I took last night.  I know from where my love of animals comes!

in her room with Maki, Gigi, and the new boy

"Prince William Schmetterling" (German for Papillon which is French for butterfly) The tall handsome young boy coming into a household with an ailing geriatric male and a feisty geriatric female (i.e. Maki and Gigi). We'll call him William.


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