March 31, 2008–mini vacation

We had talked a lot about taking another trip, since last year was filled with so many that we enjoyed.  She’d love to go back to Alaska (I’ve never been), so I spent time researching cruises.  And we’d love to visit Tom and Steph in Oman, but would need to get there before the end of March or it would be too hot.

But her strength has been slow to return after her bout with double pneumonia over the holidays, and the deadline passed for getting the best cruise deals.  And I just didn’t think she was strong enough to fly half way around the world, much as she would like to.

So we took a mini-vacation to Warm Springs and Callaway gardens—visited the Little White House and the Wild Animal Safari Park, too.  The collapsible wheelchair we bought soon after she moved to GA made all this easy and accessible.

FDR family carriage from very early 1900's

Callaway Gardens

beef on the bus #1

beef on the bus #2

pretty boy

fun day!


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