August 14, 2007–California trip

We flew to CA for ten days, primarily to spend time with my daughter and her family. First drove to La Jolla to stay in the beautiful home of my son-in-law’s parents and to visit the San Diego Zoo.

at a restaurant with Cliff. Carolyn was out of town.

rented two electric carts and drove all over. Only knocked down a few kids.

I have a “papillon friend” in La Jolla, a very talented, very artistic lady

Esther with Z and her pets

Carol Anne and her late husband were good friends at church here in Athens.  When Bill died, she moved to southern CA to be closer to her daughter.  We spent a night with her. She no longer makes and dresses the beautiful dolls you see here.  Literally “made” –had kilns, the whole works!

Carol Anne and Esther

Jill took us to Grant Park where there is a fabulous, very old carousel.

nice horsey!

Gram read to Lucy, who at age three and a half, was prone to fits of the sillies!

bedtime stories. She could still see to read.

silly Lucy!

Jill, Lucy, Gram

Four generations


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