June 21, 2006–Father’s 90th

She protested, but I thought it important that we fly to St. Louis to celebrate Jack Freeman’s 90th birthday.  (he was a year younger than she) It would be the first time she had seen him since she moved to Georgia, and, as it turned out, the last before his death in August 2007.

He had been in nursing home for seven months–moved there when his behavior became so erratic and potentially dangerous while living with my brother. I think we were both shocked at how he had deteriorated physically.

My brother and I planned a birthday pizza lunch for everyone at the nursing home, and took them out to dinner that night.

Esther and Jack Freeman (ages almost 91, 90)

with my brother Ted at lunch

lovely picture of Esther

Me and Mother at the restaurant

Esther and Jack at the restaurant


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