August 8 – 17, 2005–gall bladder surgery

(lots of short notes, here in proper sequence)

August 8:

Mother has been in the hospital since the wee hours Thursday morning.  Originally it was thought she had a heart attack, but since then, even though she does have heart problems, the doctors have determined she has gall stones.

She will have lapriscoptic (sp?) surgery tomorrow. She is confident and more than willing to have her gall bladder removed.  Her cardiologist agrees–says that one “attack” means more are coming, and could be life threatening if the pancreas becomes inflamed or the liver more enlarged than it was this time.

I am a bit of a wreck, but that’s my role, right??!!

August 9:

Mother came through the surgery just fine–is in some discomfort, but they are treating that.  She’s hungry, and can have whatever she wants, starting with liquids.  (she hasn’t eaten since 6 p.m. yesterday)

August 13:

Yesterday  morning (Friday) Mother complained of sharp, grabbing pains that seem to move up, down, and back up her left leg.  Fearing a blood clot, I called the doctor and took her back to the hospital.

They did a venous ultrasound and discovered a cyst on the inside of her left knee.  “Take her to an orthopedist” was the instruction.  So, now we have to get another appointment.  I don’t know if it is a fluid cyst that can be aspirated, or an impacted cyst that would have to be surgically removed.

Stay tuned.  She is feeling much better, can bend to pet the dogs clamoring for her attention, and is eating and sleeping well.

It’s been a rough week!

August 17:

Get out the violins, folks–the soap opera continues.

This morning I broke my left arm.  The radial head.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that I do not have to wear a cast, only a sling for six weeks.

I had gotten up at dawn and, half asleep, took the dogs out.  I stepped into the 4 inch gap between my front walk and the grass, fell forward, and over the curb, catching myself with my left hand.  It could have been worse–like a repeat of two years ago.

I drove Mother to her cardiologist this afternoon (good report).  Standard transmissions CAN be driven with the right hand only–very carefully!


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